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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wine Fair : Carrefour Wine Fair at Suntec City (20 Sep 2007)


Was fortunated to pop down for the VIP night at the Carrefour Wine Fair at Suntec City on Thursday night. Met quite a few friends from WineKakis there, of course Dan, SK and TK. There was a crowd even before the doors opened and whilst most people rushed for the wine tastings, we went for the special prized bottles that night to check the ullage, namely Reserve de la Comtesse 2004 $52 and Chateau La Dominique 2005 $73( which I understand is beside the famous Cheval Blanc) .

This year's arrangement was pretty similar to the last fair with the french wines on the left and the new world ones with the cheeses on the right. I was pleasantly surprised that Carrefour had managed to grab hold of a few 2005 vintage wines, one of which is the 2nd wine of Chateau D'issan i.e. Blason D'issan 2005 $47 (past review 1996 vintage here). Tasted the wine during the evening, and found it has a un-promisingly musty woody smell on the nose, but I suspect it could be the open glass. It was better on the palate with warm fruits and a good length. I managed to go again today to Suntec City, and guess what?! It appears it is already out of stock!
Today, I also managed to grab a classified 4th growth (4eme Grand Cru Classe Haut Medoc) Chateau La Tour Carnet 2005 $59. It is managed by the same gentlemen Bernard Magrez, who also manages Chateau Pape Clement and Chateau Fombrauge. I checked the reviews on the net and were pretty good before I purchase it. Not many bottles are left on the shelf !
There was also the Chateau Pick from Sauternes which was also available and recommended by in this blog at the last fair going for $27. Good value for money for a Sauternes wine. A lady behind me at the cashier today bought a bottle.

Kudos to Carrefour for helping us wine fanatics get some Bordeaux 2005 vintages at affordable prices! Please continue to do so!

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