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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wine Entry : Cook's Californian Champagne Brut


Hiya all...apologises for the delayed updates on the site...been away in the USA for about 2 weeks and lots of things going on...Wonderful weather in the States with mostly sunshine and blue skies with a few days of showers (especially when we need to change hotels!) Lots of summer shopping and very nice Pinots tasted too.

Well now I'm back and here's a little bubbly to get everyones spirits up, which was sampled in LAX lounge. Ms Poh kindly posed with the single serving of champagne.
Smell : Light frangant citrus scent

Taste : Pleasantly fresh and fruity with large bubbles, missing the toasty, buttery feel

After taste : Uncomplicated finish with no bitterness



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