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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wine Guest Review: KT


Havent written here for sometime... Anyway went to 1 of the little wineshops surrounding UE2 @ Robertson Quay after work 2 weeks ago with some colleagues and the manager of the store was recommending this bottle, which i must give 2 thumbs up!

As you all know that Desdragon is a red blooded red wine fan, decided to give this blog some balance by recommending this white wine, Beelgara Estate Range Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (which u can tell i am just typing off the photo).

Personally i am one of those pple who issnt a wine fan because of the acidity in the wine but this one is really nice, there's very little hint of acidity and makes you want to savour more.

The owner of this place says that this bottle runs out very fast when ever he has stock. =)


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