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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wine Clubs : Just Wine Club - 3 year Anniversary


I have been a member of this NTUC wine club for some years. It start out with quite a good fan-fair and I got a wine cover for the twenty dollars that I "invested" for the membership.
However, I noticed as the years went by the number of newsletters start to diminish, from monthly to quarterly and now sporadically only. The benefits of joining the wine club does seem somewhat lacking, the only one I am aware of is you can buy 6 bottles and get 5% discount, which is not a lot! Or that I am not aware of or not interested in their events that they hold. Which also shows the lack of marketing or not knowing what the consumer wants.

In comparison, Cold Storage Wine Club, "The Vineyard Club by Jasons Wine Cellar", has a regular monthly newsletter which I receive in the mail and they hold regular tasting events. Carrefour is also very active in the wine sales arena, having twice yearly wine sales with tasting alternating between it's two outlets. And the turnouts are always excellent, educating many people and making French wines more accessible. So my feeling is that Just Wine Club, despite this glossed up advertisement in Today newpapers, has quite a fair bit of work to do in order to gain a better market share of the Singapore wine pie.

But I am willing to give them an opportunity to prove themselves, i.e. their new Bukit Timah Plaza Fair Price Finest. A review of the place is on the way.



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