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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wine Exhibition : Wine for Asia 2007

This is the third time I am blogging about Wine for Asia, how time flies!
It is an annual event for the Wine Trade to meet and network within the region. Wine for Asia 2007 ran from 25th to 27th of Oct this year, first two days for Trade and the last day for Trade and Public. I was not able to make it for the first two trade days so I was thankful I could make it for the last day. Missed the opening cermony though. The turnout was somewhat disappointing, but considering the rain and the early morning, I was actually happy to have the luxury of choosing which booth to go to, without worrying about the crowd. I was rather happy for the Decanter awards which allowed me to taste wines which I have never seen before, and was given the free rein to taste and gauge my palate vs the judges. Interestingly, I did not agree with them on most of the wines ! But there were a few gems and I will posting more pictures up later.
Overall, the exhibition hall size seemed to have been reduced, but there was good representation from France, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Spain, Italy and other Old World wine making countries. Understandably due to distance, Califonian wines did not have a strong representation. I plonked myself at the Great Wines of Bordeaux 2003 (as I did last year too!) and enjoyed going through most of the 41 bottles of classified growths as well as 2 Sauternes. These are coming up in my upcoming posts...Stay tuned....



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