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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wine Entry : GranMonte Primavera Syrah 2003 (Thailand)

Was holidaying in Bangkok a week ago and went around the supermarkets and shops. Generally found the wines there highly prized, even a bottle of common Aussie wine found in Singapore was about 2X the prices here. Though I found an interesting wine at Bangkok's upmarket Emporium and it was Thailand's own wine from the Northern part of the country. The rest were pretty pedestrian, but one stuck as particularly interesting. I understand from the lady, who I believe was a staff of the vineyard, that they had send this bottle of Primavera Syrah for the Awards Competition during Wine for Asia.
It has a wonderful intense bouquet of typical black current shriaz, but the taste was full bodied with some chilli spice sharpness that was refreshing! It would have gone very well with the Thai fish cakes. Selling to for a relatively inexpensive S$30 (after conversion). However, they do not import it into Singapore, so unlikely we will get to taste it any time soon.

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