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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wine Tasting Event : Carrefour French Fair at Suntec City (17 May 2007)

Thankfully, I was around for this biannual Carrefour International Wine Fair, which is inconjunction with Violah! French Festival Singapore. It was held at Suntec City Atrium in front of the Carrefour. There was a rough segregation of the products with the wines on one side and other products such as creams, cheeses etc on the other. Guess which section was most popular! This year was interesting with the Burgundy Aroma Wine, there were “families” of aromatic products grouped together for customers to smell, they even had one with leather pouches and wallets! I also noticed the range of Burgundy was increased compared to the last time.

The two wines on offer today for VIP visitors was Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou 2004 selling for S$99 (usual S$129) and Chateau Kirwan 2004 selling for S$59 vs (usual S$79). Both were at very good value. I managed to taste both of them (luckily I was early at 6.30pm sharp), and whilst they were both very pleasant to drink, smooth, balanced and fruity for Bordeaux, they were lacking in the intensity and finish. Difficult to nose too, especially with the large open glasses provided not the tulip type more suited for sniffing aromas. I decided to get only one bottle of the Kirwan, and focused more on other good buys, including a bottle of Chateau Potensac 1998 at S$52. I will recommend for those with a sweet tooth, to try the Chateau Haut Pick 2004, a Sauternes 750ml bottle going for only S$28. For a wine that is drinking well now and at a good price, would be the Reserve de la Comtesse 2001 going for S$49 instead of $60+ else where.

Also I’d to take this opportunity to say hi to my classmates Kong and Jasmine (from the 6th intake Art & Science of Wine), who were there enjoying the wines too. Cheers!

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