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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Part B : Wine /K.T’s Housewarming/ Scrabble & GOL board games session


------------------------Even the soft toys want to get into the photos

After the golden nectar wine, we started playing K.T.’s housewarming gifts of Game of Life. It took a little understanding and trial&error before getting the hang of the game, but it was quite interesting with the choice of being salesperson, policeman etc and the aim of the game is to retire rich! (Guess this is the hope for every Singaporean). Doc was a very good banker for the bank, by being exceeding slow in dishing out the gamemoney. The next wine we tried was the Chateua Pontoise Cabarrus 1999 French red which is a Cru Bourgeois. It has a nice age to it, still bright red in colour with no taste of tannins whatsoever, highly fruit and drinkable, more akin to a Aussie wine than French. We also had cheese (bought by K.T at Cold Storage) with the wine, but the blue was not the most popoular.

Scrabble was the game is was struggling to play at about 11.30pm in the night, my mind was somewhere with Portugal on whether they will win their soccer World Cup match with Iran (which they eventually did). We didn’t finish the bottle of French Red and K.T. will probably be sharing that with her other guests to her condo in a few days time…


Dolph wondering when she can get to drink wine...


  • At 7:49 PM, Blogger Gorry Tan Yang Yang said…

    Yucks i look terrible in the photos. hehe.

    Anyway yah hope you guys enjoyed the TBA, i liked it very much and am thinking of getting a second bottle of it.... yummy.

    Anyway my friends and i polished off the remainder of the red wine. I received 2 new bottles of wine from my friends this afternoon as housewarming and cant wait to show Desdragon the photos.

    Apparently the Chateua Pontoise Cabarrus 1999 French Red is quite a good wine and my friends were going to buy me this bottle initially. =)

    Ok, till the next time, when my Yukimi stone lantern is here already, i will invite Desdragon, Mrs Desdragon, bluedolph, Mr bluedolph and Miss Bai Kah Poh to try the 2 new wine.One of them is this Diablo wine , not sure if Desdragon has heard of it before.

    Anyway, till the next time!

  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger Gorry Tan Yang Yang said…

    By the way, my friends liked the Brie cheese very much ( blue cheese ) and the camerbert as well..

    The cold storage cheese that i bought from Siglap is pretty good actually.

    I went to Ikea to buy this small wooden chopping board for the cheese... I shall attempt the create the type of ambience of Dempsey Road ! =)

  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger DesDragon said…

    Of cos the wine that I brought was did they come to know of the wine? They must have enjoyed the remainer of it...any reviews by them on it?

    Diablo wine...yes I believe that I have seen it somewhere before. Australian or Chilean rite?

    Yeah we can always have another session when you Lantern arrives.

    Yeah pls go and buy some tealight holders when you go to Ikea. It was not easy to keep them lighted with the wind.

    Check this place out..very interesting we should go and try it out and considering that it is in the East Coast. It was also featured in the U TV channel


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