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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wine Tasting : Wine Garage

Hey everybody, just got back from Wine Garage after drinks. It's located at Riverside Point very close to Robertson Quay and was really packed & happening. The clientele was mostly professionals and a large number of expats, a pretty chic crowd. Most of the people were seated outdoors enjoying the breezy evening cool after the heavy rainstorm in the afternoon. The great thing about the place was that no-smoking was allowed, and that helped the air quality (though most patrons just took a walk to near the river for a puff).The indoors area had a very nice array of wines from floor to ceiling, but the indoors area was catered mostly to dining customers. The only flaw I had about the place was that metal steel drums we used to decorate the exterior, which was pretty unappealing to me. Perhaps they wanted to create the warehouse/garage look.

The service was pretty good as well, even though they were busy, they took the time to hand us the detailed wine list after the first menu which was catered primarily for fingerfood and a limited list of wines. They also had a sommelier who introduced to us the wines that they had used for wine tastings that evening. He was kind enough to provide us two glass of Pinot Nior, of which the burgundy was far superior to the aussie victoria one. However we decided to go for another wine in the wine tasting list :

Chateau La Conseiller Bordeaux Superieure, France 2003.

The wine was deep ruby maroon in colour with strong alcoholic legs. The bottle also needed breathing and decanting to temper the oakyness and bring out the sweetness of the wine, which the waiter was very kind to perform the decanting for us.

Smell : Aromas of blackcurrent, spice, ripen fruit.

Taste : Smooth on the palate, delicate dark chocolate and well balanced fruit tannins.

After taste : Emergence of the tannins, with cigar and oak interlaced inside.

Description at the back :
This wine boast an inky/ruby/purple colour as well as gorgeous aromas of grahite blue berries blackberries and scorced earth. Offers copious amounts of sweet fruit low acidity and superb ripeness as well as depth.



  • At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can see you really had a great time @ Wine Garage. Place not condusive for photography right?

    Dan : )

  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger DesDragon said…

    Well actually I believe that the quality of my phone is lousy too...I need the new Nokia N73 with 3+ megapixals...time to buy Toto and 4D.
    But you are right the lighting at Wine Garage are all soft lights so could not get a good picture.


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