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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wine Drinker and Connoisseur ? : Sylvia Lim of the Worker’s Party

- Found this advertisement in the Straits Time on 8 Aug 2006. I think it is a fitting tribute to wine, that Sylvia Lim of the Worker’s Party drinks wine to “chill-out”. For the uninitiated, Sylvia Lim is the newest NCMP to the Singapore parliament after obtaining the largest majority of opposition votes in the recent S’pore General Elections in May of this year. The Worker’s Party turned out to the most credible opposition party garnering the most votes amongst the opposition. I think this just continues to add to her “hip/happening-quotient” that the Others (I do not need to name) are trying so hard to improve.

Will we be seeing a wine-tasting session organized by the Worker’s Party soon? Wishing her all the best in her new NCMP role and we all have high hopes for her to champion the common Singaporean causes and not only those of the elite. May your glass never be empty and the wine never turn sour!


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