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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wine Tasting Vina Morande by Le Raisin at the Wine Hut (Part C)


Specialty Morande Edicion Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot (1999) – Slight fruity and chocolate scent, taste of ripen blackcurrents, berries and dark chocolate, with a finish of tannins.
Description of wine : A wine the colour of dark rubies, intense and shining. The aroma is reminiscent of red fruits prunes, vanilla and chocolate. In the mouth it is intense, rounded smooth and almost silky, full-bodies and with a long, delightful finish. The vineyard was originally the old Vina Santa Blanca, situated in the Cachapoal Valley, in hectare, and this allows grapes to be produced with very highly concentrated flavours and aromas. The vinification of these grapes, both the Cabernet and Merlot, is carried out in small stainless steel tanks in the style used in Bordeaux, and after a long maceration period, the wines are racked into casks for malolactic fermentation and ageing. Ageing in this case took 15 months and the wine was then bottled to complete its development. It is packaged without leaking to maintain in optimal form its flavours.

Specialty Morande Edicion Limitada Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon (2003) – Scents of Vanilla ice cream and a taste of ripen sweetish berries figs, slightly pepperish with a short finish. Description of wine : A red, violet and smoke-coloured wine, deep and intense. Its aroma is reminiscent of black coffee, toasted figs and fresh plums, with a slight hint of roasted meat. In the mouth it is intense, opulent , fat and meaty, with plentiful tannins, long and persistent. Its great intensity reminds one of Kenyan coffee. With a great future, for a long life.
The Puntal located in Isla de Maipo, in the Maipo Valley – a vineyard with old rootstocks. The Syrah is grafted onto Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives it a good root system and decreases its natural vigor. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a free rootstock with limited expression. The result of this is very ripe fruit with prominent aromas and flavours, the final culmination of which are wines with concentrated flavours.

Ultra Premium House of Morande Cabernet Sauvignon (2001) – Smell of vanilla beans, rounded, fruity, very smooth and silky with no tannins lingering with a nice light sweet finish.
Description of wine : House of Morande is a wine prepared with grapes from the San Bernardo vineyard in the Maipo Valley, described as : a valley protected by high walls, where the winds do not blow and the sun stands still. With nights open to a deep sky, without stars and round moons. With naked dawns, diaphanous and laden with frost. Its waters emanate from the mountains. Its minerals: limestone, iron, copper and slate, paint its wines with purple blood and give its must sweetness and strength. Its aromas are reminiscent of violet and wild roses, lavender and fragrant mint. Boldos and burning firewood, black coffee, twisted tobacco and oak truffles. It is youthful to the touch, robust and jaunty. Its flavours are of the flowers and fruit of the forest, fresh, enchanting, silky and with elegant notes of candies. A sweet memory of Morande is the wise wine of Pablo Moorande.



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