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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wine Entry : Bianco Pinot Grigio Franics Coppola 2004 (Californian)


I’m in Houston! Drinking Californian wine, pretty good compared to the ones that I get in Singapore. Making me rethink if I have been to harsh on the USA wines. Got this one at the supermarket just behind the hotel, at US$8.50 only.

Smell : Warm, fruity, flowery like roses. No grassy smells.

Taste : Light warm slightly buttery. Grapefruit and pear flavours.

After-Taste : Finish of acidity and slight bitterness.

Description at back of bottle : This wine delivers aromas of cool melon, tropical fruit, and a light perfume of flowers. Round in texture, yet light and crisp. This wine offers flavour of ripe pear, white peach and summer citrus. Enjoy this wine on its own, or serve with vegetable ricotta calzones, Ahi tuna burgers or teriyaki chicken.

Me at the Houston Downtown Aquarium...

Enjoying the wine in the hotel room....



  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger Gorry Tan Yang Yang said…

    hee hee tham tham, u're so funny!

    Getting drunk on company account. hee hee. I shall send that foto of u in the hotel room to ur new boss.

    Anyway, buy back something nice for me and xiao gorrrrrr.

  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger DesDragon said…

    hahah must keep my fans of the blog site happy what...
    else they have no entertainment
    nothing here but cold clothing...


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