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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY BlackJack/ Mah-jong/ Wine Session


This was the 3rd day of the new year and we had another round of get together with Guru Teo & Hui2 back from Holland. KT as usual was hysterical after seeing the dogs [soft toy ones] at my house (after all it being the year of the dog now). She proceeded to take photos of her gorilla lamb with them in various funny poses.

My place was of cos impeccably decked up with roses and willows for the CNY. Red being the main theme colour (a-but-than?!), with pink accepted as well. Mahjong started when everyone arrived with KT not being able to recoup back her previous night’s losses. My wife was super ON this afternoon keep on winning on a single card. Blackjack was really fun with me getting a double ace as well when I was the dealer. And J.Lim was quite lucky too keep on getting blackjack...making me bankrupt.

After that was dinner at a Chinese restaurant which was packed to the brim…we only managed to do the “Lo Hei” [see it behind the flask of tea?] and gave up waiting as the electricity kept on tripping. We ended up eating Hawker Food (oyster omelette, satay, Wu Xiang and prawn noodle), but it was quite fun and satisfying as well. A nice finish to a wonderful session of fun and laughter amongst good friends…


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