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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wine Exhibition : Wine For Asia 2007 (Part IV)

These wines were presented at the Decanter Awards exhibition area. As mentioned, we had free-rein to taste and decide on which wines we liked. I have listed the ones I found to be of worthy mentioned. Most of which I do not see often in the wine shops I frequent.

Chateau Le Boscq Saint Estephe 2004 (French)

A silver medal winner.

Smell : Tobacco, cigar box, some warm balckcurrents.

Taste : Classic Bordeaux, well balanced currents and dark fruits with woody oak.

After-taste : A respectable finish of warm oaky tannins.

Chateau Reysson, Reserve du Chateau 2004 (French)
Smell : Warm brown leaves intertwined with soft current scents.

Taste : On the first palate it is some what sweetish in style, but the fruits do come thro’ eventually.

After-taste : Fairly well liked length.

San Simon Curico Valley, Gran Reserva 2005 (Chile)
Smell : Ripen fruits comprising of sweetish apricots scents.

Taste : Sweetish first palate, smooth highly ripen fruits, a little medicinal .

After-taste : A very respectable length of warm fruits.

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