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Monday, July 24, 2006

Wine Tasting at the Wine Hut (Part B)


Wine Hut is also located at Robertson Walk directly opposite the entrance of Gallery Hotel. You cannot miss the place as there are wine bottles adorning the front of the Wine Hut. The ambience of the place was very nice and cozy, however because it is a relatively confined with a low ceiling, it amplifies the conversation of all the customers. The place is decked out with nice black comfy sofas with red cushions, and the wine and water glasses are prepared well in advance. However, I found the layout of the place a little odd, almost like a horseshoe shape.

But what I really like about the deco of the place was the array of wines in wooden rows of shelves on both sides of the wall. Also I was impressed with the number of magnum and super magnum bottles displayed. The price list was also very kind on the wallet, we had the Louis de Plessy, Cotes du Luberon 2000 which was on a 20% discount, and the introductory price was $32, instead of the usual S$40. The munchies were also reasonable, the cheese platter at S$15 and the sausage platter at S$12.

But the most important thing that I really adore was that they did not charge any GST (5%) or service charge (10%).

Smell : ripen fruit of blackcurrents.

Taste : light medium bodied, smooth with slight peppermint canvassed with fruity flavour, spice and wood. Slowly transcends to a flora fruity wine.

After-taste : quick finsh with no tannins. Bitterness at the end.

Description at back of bottle :
A blend of Grenache & Syrah grape varietals, this wine is fresh and generous with lots of luscious fruit flavours.
The vineyards of 36 commues comprised under this appellation are scattered on the north and south slopes of the luberon limestone.
The grape varieties used are the same as the ones found in the Cote du Rhone wines, especially grenache and syrah.
Fresh and generous with lots of luscious fruit flavours a good all round red wine for meat courses grills poulty and cheese.



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