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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wine Sale : Crystal Wines -2005 on sale !


Crystal Wine is having a sale on 2005s. The prices have certainly been rising over the years!

"Tasting the 2005 red wines from the bottle, many of them three or four times, confirmed that this is the greatest vintage produced during my 30 years career"-Robert Parker

Little introduction is needed for the great Bordeaux. As much as we know the great wines Bordeaux is capable of producing, the 2005 is going to be the vintage to make the plunge!

The 2005 fortunately had a perfect growing season resulting in the amazing quality of wines it produced. Robert Parker's consistent scores of 95-100 points for countless wines in his review should further testify how great the 2005 vintage truly is!

As the 2005 Bordeaux vintage continues to receive high reviews, the demand for the wine continues to rise rapidly. With that, prices are continually to be mouth watering high!

Today Crystal Wines is offering you a great deal! Buy these stunning wines at up to 35.5% off! Hurry get them home for the 2005 Bordeaux vintage offers a valuable long-term investment!

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