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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wine News : Article from DivaAsia Online Magazine

DivaAsia published an article today on pairing red or white wine with the lavish spread of dishes synonymous with a Chinese wedding banquet

Here are my own personal comments :

- It makes sense to taste the wine with the food-tasting prior to the actual dinner.

- Missing from the article was the common practice that getting a consignment basis makes budgetary sense as you can return unopened bottles of wine.

- Typically guests drink more red than white wine, therefore estimate 1.5-2 bottles of red for each table and 1 bottle of white per table. Assuming average drinkers.

- I disagree that only South African or South American wines will suit the taste of most guests, I have tried really good fruit, inexpensive australia wines and a french vin de pay St Pierre from Crystal Wines that was the hands-down favourite at a wedding dinner I attended last year.

- Wedding guest tend to drink more during Fri and Sat wedding dinners compared to those held on weekdays and sundays.



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