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Monday, January 05, 2009

Wine News : Business Times 2 Jan 2009


Mr NK Yong wrote a very insightful article on what to do in the current financial uncertainty - for Wine. I will have to agree with him, now (or a little more down the road) is the time to buy the wines that were over-priced out of the common market for most people. The only point I find unconvincing is that the Reserve de la Comtesse (2nd wine of Pichon Lalande) 2000 is still going for ~US$100. Crystal Second Wines of Great Bordeaux Estates Mega Offer for the 2005 vintage was S$69.30.

The wine shops locally have been sending out numerous sales for the x'mas, new year and CNY. So it is a good time to go shopping if you have the cash to spare. Patience in terms of searching around as well as patience to wait for these great wine to mature is needed.



  • At 2:59 PM, Anonymous KS said…

    I think the question is not when to buy but where to buy in Singapore? Are places like Crystal, Vinum, NTUC, etc really cutting their prices? Please share some of these sale dates and store locations. I'd love to stock up. I've already amass a good selection of Medoc wines from the 2000 and 2005 vintage and am looking for the Burgundy and some of the Rhone Valley wines Dr NK Yong has mentioned.


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