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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wine Animation : The Illustrated Winespeak

Found this book by Ronald Searle at the Expo Book sale, it attempts to make fun of the various odd descriptions that wine writers have for wine. He uses the analogy of a person depicting that character of the wine. A brief book consisting of pictures and limited words, but highly entertaining and funny. I posted some here to create an excerpt of the book for your viewing pleasure. Hope you all enjoy it !

Description at the back of the book, “The tortuous phrases that are frequently used when trying to describe music, fade into insignificance beside the agonizing and often excruciating acrobatics of those whose duty it is to enlighten the baffles consumer regarding the more esoteric aspects of wine.
The art of wine-tasting has its own band of remarkable poets – alas, as rare as the greatest vintages of the wines they sample for our benefit. The rest, snobbish, incestuous and inarticulate, do as much harm to the world of wine as they do to the language.
All the phrases in this book have been plucked from unacknowledged but absolutely authentic sources. You could do worse than ponder over some of them. Cheers!”


  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Wine said…

    Looks hilarious to me with all these send-up of winetasters' jargon which was hailed by the Financial Times as 'one of this year's bubbling successes.'

    Looks like a perfect guide to such phrases as 'distinctive nose', 'full bodied', or 'elegant but lacks backbone'.

    Poetic isn't it?

  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger Wine said…

    BTW, did you buy the above book? If have ... can i steal a peak?

    The Illustrated Winespeak, retailing at £7.25 on Amazon UK sadly is not sold in Singapore yet.

    Dan @ WineKakis

  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger Desmond said…

    Yupo, i managed to get it at the book sale for 6 bucks Sing...actually I thought it was expensive for such a small book with pics and very few words...

    Sure I let you take a look at it the next time we meet up.


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