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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wine Entries : Prospect Wines Riverina Botrytis Semillon 2003 (Australian)

I purchased this wine in Australia at the Brand Smart Shopping Centre, Nunawading, Victoria, sub-urban mall. Remembered it was really reasonably priced and I purchased two bottles and had already finished one on my trip there. This Prospect Wine Merchant’s business model is quite unique. Prospect Wines buys excess or clearance wines from the wineries and sell the house wines as their own label wines. This can be done as some wineries have tanks full of wine waiting to be sold prior to bottling. Others have a cellar full of bottled wine which needs to be moved. Think of it as clearance wine or bin-end wines, but stringently selected to ensure good quality. The consumer gets fantastic wine at great savings without the advertisements and labeling.
Back to this Botrytis Semillon, it has somewhat aged to an orangish-brown colour also akin to ice-lemon tea. Exceedingly enjoyable to drink for a clearance wine.

Smell : Tangerine-orange peel zest, almost liquorish, nuances of wild honey.

Taste : Glycerin, viscous and luscious, somewhat overpowering first sip. Smooth honey sweetness which is followed by the orange citrus intensity.

After-Taste : Plucky acidity like a sour drop. Fair length with a tinge of the orange peel bitterness, but not unpleasant.



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