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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wine for Asia 2006 : Great 2002 Bordeaux Tasting by The Wine Review

I’d jump to the Sauternes sweet white wines first before going back to the reds. We found the Sauternes exceedingly nice to drink. They are not as strongly intense as the Hungarian Tokays or the Austrian TBA, but they were very smooth, light viscosity and complex with no/little hints of bitterness.

Chateau de Fargues Lur Saluces (Sauternes) 2002

Smell : Flora, lemon-honey smell weighting on the honey side.

Taste : Smooth, sweet honey with slight bitter lemon. Overall, a lighter style than usual Sauternes.

After-taste : Some light acidity to balance the sweetness.

Chateau Suduiraut (Sauternes) 2002

Smell : Scents of flora, lemon-honey even with a little walnut smell.

Taste : Smooth, honey-lemon with no bitter lemon peel taste balanced with a mild acidity.

After-taste : Sharp citrus and quick finish with a slight nutty end.

=> This was the wife’s favourite..

Chateau Doisy-Vedrines (Sauternes) 2002

Smell : Flora and lemon-honey fragrance.

Taste : Light easy-drinking of lemon citrus honey, slight end of bitterness.

After-taste : Quick finish with a little lemon peel zest bitterness.

Chateau Guiraud (Sauternes) 2002

Smell : Nose in comparison with the other Sauternes was not as intensely lemon-honey.
There was a different mineral stony smell.

Taste : Good sweetness, low viscosity with background of honey-lemon.

After-taste : Short finish with citrus bitter lemon.

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