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Monday, October 30, 2006

Wine Vineyard Visit : Swan Valley (Perth Australia)


This was great! Blue skies and warm weather in Perth, friendly & helpful wine cellar staff. They are very willing to share their knowledge as well as the wines available for tasting. No wonder I came back with a few nice bottles of wines and a smile on my face. Sandalford and Houghton’s wines are quite well known in Singapore. However, the range and variety is not as much. Not to mention also the price is about a third less than those found in Singapore. Probably due to the taxes than anything else. Another vineyard that I had visited was Sittella, they do not export wines to Singapore but their wine especially the Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon was very intriguing tasting of sweet dark chocolate then wine. Also the Portuguese varietal of Verdelho is made in the valley which is very refreshing, but tended to be very similar to taste.

They had all very comprehensive wine cellar door setup and even have attached restaurants. The view from the restaurants are usually very beautiful overlooking the vineyards or across a well-kept garden and lawn. These are vineyards that I would recommend anyone visiting the Swan Valley to go to.


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