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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wine at Dempsey with Audrey, Eileen and Jamie

Hiya all, back at Dempsey Road Wine Company again, but now with our chem eng classmates. It was the first time for Jamie and Audrey, I believed they were quite impressed with the quaint and yuppie atmosphere to chill out. Audrey could not find the place with the terracotta statues and I had to walk out to the Wine Network to fetch her in.

We had again the German Spatale which when chilled sufficiently enough really tasted delicious and refreshing, the Genesis Merlot was going fast and I believe they only have one or two more bottles left.
Well here are some pics from their brochure and directions for all those interested in visiting the place. Just remember to invite me to a drink if you see me there too!



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