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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wine Fair : Carrefour Warehouse Wine Sale 25-31 July 2011


Carrefour is holding a Warehouse Wine Sale 25-31 July 2011 at Plaza Singaura Atrium. They have changed the name to Warehouse Sale, but effectively it is still a Wine Fair. Good to stock up wines for National Day 2011 with the POSB Everyday card discount of 10%. Happy shopping!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wine News : Giant Sale - Tall Horse wines


Giant is having another promotion on their wines. The truth is that I have never tasted Tall Horse wines. But it being South African, I think it is worth a try, though I wouldn't put too much hope except for expecting a fruity uncomplicated wine.

The attraction is probably the 4 glasses of Riedel Ouverture Red Glasses FREE when you buy 24 bottles of wine. (i.e. 2 cases). So if you are a big quaffer, then the deal is pretty interesting. It does seem to be an overkill though.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Wine News : Expensive drop as forklift shatters $1.3m worth of wine


An Australian winemaker said Friday he was "numb" after a malfunctioning forklift destroyed more than Aus$1 million (S$1.3 million) of his prized shiraz.

Read full story here. (Source :

Commentary : Ouch! It must really hurt, especially all the hard work and time involved to cultivate and harvest the wines. Thankfully everything was insured. Wonder how they value the wine? Price in USA where it was intended to be sold or Price in Australia where it was made?


Friday, July 08, 2011

Wine Sale : Cold Storage Wolf Blass Moscato

For all the sweet wine fans out there! Cold Storage is having a wine sale for Wolf Blass Yellow Label Moscato. Get a free pair of crystal wine glasses with purchase of three (3) bottles of Wolf Blass Moscato. Promotion period is only from 8-13 July.

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