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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wine Entry : Rosemount "O" 2008 (Australian)

"Served chilled on ICE, delicate bubbles"....
That's the catchphrase of this marketing wine. There was quite a bit of hype about this summer wine when it was launched in Australia, it is one of the few (if not only) wine that is being encouraged to drink with ICE. I had a taste of it and the closest analogy I could think of is 7up/Sprite with citrus grape flavours and alcohol included.
Not that it was unappetizing to drink, on the contrary it was nice and refreshing drink considering the blazing hot weather we had been getting in Singapore for the past few weeks.
It can be drank on it's own quite comfortably without the ice. But drink today and forget about it ever being a serious wine. Available at Airport's DFS.

Description at back of bottle :
"Rosemount O is a wine specially crafted so that its deliciously crisp flavours are best enjoyed over ice. With delicate bubbles and naturally lower in alcohol, it's the light refreshing wine you have been waiting for."



  • At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Hansie Scott said…

    I must admit I've been intrigued by this marketing gimmick and I find myself cringing, whilst eagerly awaiting the tasting. I imagine a wine designed to be drunk with ice to be like some kind of cordial, but word on the street is that it is merely super ripe grapes and has nothing to do with Cottee's at all. I also didn't expect it to be bubbly, so that is an added bonus. I am determined to drink it without ice first to see what on earth this mystery beverage is, though a quick Google search tells me the grapes it uses are Muscat Gordo and White Frontignac, both generous cropping grape varieties that often find themselves in fortified wines. Then, in the much-loved tradition of taking one for the team, I drink it.I like to drink it with some Best Cigars in the world.


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