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Monday, August 25, 2008

Wine Entry : Brown Brothers 2003 Late Harvest Botrytis Riesling Milawa [Cellar Door Release] (Australian)

Very nice bottle of sweet wine, bought it for AUD$19.90 at David Jones. Not seen in it Singapore stores as yet. A very rich dark brown honey colour.

Smell : Strong citrus scents. Sticky fig and honey aromas.

Taste : Fine flowing liquid gold honey, well balanced with a mild orange & peach base.

After-taste : Fine lingering taste of honey and apricots. With no bitter lemon peel. Tinge of spicyness hits the back of the palate.

Description at back of bottle : The Riesling grapes used to make this wine were grown at our Milawa vineyard and towards the end of vintage a portion of the Riesling fruit is left to hang on the vines for late harvesting. The grapes attract the mould Botrytis Cinerea which grows on the grape skins resulting in thinning of the skins. This leads to loss of fluid from the berriesm leaving them shrunk, raisined and highly concentrated in flavour. From these shrivelled grapes we produce a Late Harvested Botrytis Riesling - a delicious, rich, sweet dessert wine. This wine makes excellent drinking now or can be cellared for 4 to 6 years.

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