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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wine Entry : Ventisquero Merlot 2004 (Chilean)


I got this Chilean wine at the Wine for Asia Expo for S$25, apparently my colleagues felt that this bottle was better than the Grand Cru from France. I beg to differ though! I always feel that the old world wine has the complexity and subtle mystery that sets them apart. Well each to their own palate, as long as they like the wines. :-]

Smell : Ripe fruit, spice & berries, but with a freshly cut vegetable scent

Taste : Smooth & fruity, with some acidity and chocolate.

After-taste : Warm and finish off with slight tannins.

Description at the back of the label :
A full-flavoured and fresh wine with aromas of black cherries and plums. An ideal accompaniment to spicy meat dishes and mature cheeses. The Ventisquero Merlot is the perfect expression of hard work and meticulous handling of our vines, which have been cultivated in complete harmony with their natural surroundings.


Wine Entry : Chateau Cantin 2001 (French)

This Deep striking ruby red French Grand Cru was purchased at the Wine for Asia Expo for S$20 Only! Still left with 2 more bottles in the cupboard for the next occasion. This is an Excellent RECOMMENDATION!

Smell : Blackcurrents and berries. Fruity and tinge of oak.

Taste : Wonderfully smooth with no/slight tannins yet flavourful and medium bodied.

After-taste : Tinge of oak and tannins at the long finish.


Wine Entry : Eagle Hawk Chardonnay 2002 (Australian)


This Austrlian wine has an orange-yellow tinge to it. Got it for S$25 at my club, but just saw it at Cold Storage yesterday at about S$18.

Smell : Light fruity smell

Taste : Oaky with buttery overtones. Very slight acidity and dryness. Overall very refreshing when chilled.

After-taste : Smooth and easy finish.

Description at the back of the label : The Eaglehawk Chardonnay sourced from premium Australian vineyards is a classic example of the worl’s favourite white grape variety with generous fruit flavours and a soft, balanced palate. The flavours of peach and melon combined with a hint of supporting oak make this wine an ideal partner to chicken and pasta dishes.


Drinks Session after Changi Airport

After sending off A-nel at the airport we adjourned to my place to watch the VCD show “Love Actually” Romantic comedy, but quite confusing with the plot jumping around quite a bit. We had a total of four bottles of wine, two white and two red. [More on the wine entries later]. She started getting “Friendly” with W.S. (another girl?) after her eighth glass. She was going on for her tenth glass of wine when the effect hit her. (see picture) Well we all had a wonderful time and glad that they enjoyed themselves so much.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Wine Entry : Vina Albail Gran Reserva 1991 (Spain)

This Spanish bottle of wine was in the cupboard for a number of years and when opening the cork, it was disintegrating. I managed to pull most of the cork out with a wine opener and the rest of the wine was sieved with a tea sieve. Pleasantly surprised, that with the nice long aging the wine became very approachable and warm. A brick brown colour welcomed us to the wine. Don’t think this wine is available anymore in the market due to it’s age.

Smell : Ripe cheery aromas with vanilla scent

Taste : Smooth, slight or no existence of any tannins and intense fruits and blackcurrents.

After-taste : Long finish with a warm feeling in the chest with a mild tannin base.

Description at the back of the label :
Deep ruby with terracotta and ripe-cheery tones. The nose is intense, with dark fruit, spice and vanilla aromas. The palate is powerful and rich followed by a long finish of ripe fruit and polished tannins.


Wine Entry : Wolf Blass Cabernet Merlot 2004

We all had this bottle (one of the four) during our annual D&D (brought by J.Lim), she got it from DFS and I must say it is rather enjoyable. It has a bright violet colour and very appealing to the eye. Unfortunately I drank it rather cold and would have wanted it at a warmer temperature to appreciate the aromas.

Smell : Unique spicy & sweetish, ripen apple and pears aroma

Taste : Smooth and flavourable. Fresh fruity taste with acidity. Overall mild tannins.

After-taste : Light finish but warm and strong end pull on the tongue and palate.

Description at the back of the label :
Rich berry and plum fruit characters with complex spicy oak on the nose. The palate is rich with balanced fruit flavours and a lengthy finish. Enjoy now with hearty red meat dishes.


Wine Entry : Chateau Renard 2000 AOC Fronsac

Got this bottle from DFS and have not had the opportunity to open till now. It has a dark ruby red colour and very aromatic when opened. Not very sure about the price of the wine should be ranging from S$ 20 - 30.

Smell : Attap seed, fresh pineapple and melon smell, very similar to a freshly cut greenish honeydew.

Taste : Substantial acidity but smooth. Full-medium bodied wine, overtones of strong cocoa and coffee beans taste.

After-taste : Astringent tannins with a fierce finish.

Description at the back of the label : With a dense ruby-crimson colour, this wine presents aromas of ripe fruit and hint of liquorice. It is medium bodied and deliciously fruity, with mellow tannis. The finish with low acidity is concentrated. Blend for the 2000 vintage 85% Merlot 15% Cabernet Franc. Production for the 2000 vintage is 22,300 bottles.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wine For Asia (12th Nov 2005)

My wife and I went for the Wine-For-Asia at the Singapore Expo yesterday.
Fantastic range of different wineries and nationalities (ranging from the traditional France/Australian/Chilean to the new ones such as India and China). All the exhibitors (close to 50 over) were very nice and friendly, as well as generous with their wines for tasting purposes. The most impressive must be of cos the Bordeaux 2001 wine tasting by Wine Review. There was an excellent range of about 15 wines ranging from 2nd to 4th growth wines.

I bought a total of 6 bottles, three were Chilean and three being French St-Emillion Grand Cru, going for only S$20 ! I definitely hope this exhibition continues (started in 2003) and I will continue to be a strong supporter.

I was also very impressed with the Monkey Puzzle range of wines that Adam below representing especially the Cabernet and the Pinot Nior. Do look out for his wines and I wish him all the success for the launch.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Japanese Tokachi Wine from KT ?!


KT was very nice to have bought me a bottle of red wine from Japan, i.e. Tokachi-Ikeda Research Institute for Viticulture and Enology Hokkaido Japan. Very surprise to find wine from Japan as it is not know to be a wine producer. I hope it is not some synthetic wine reversed engineered by the Japanese?!

Since it was from Japan, I decided to take the photo together with two Japanese characters as well, namely Mashimaro and Hello Kitty. Not tried the wine yet, will keep you all updated if I do…:-)

Wine Entry : The Cranswick Estate Autumn Gold 1995


This 375ml bottle has been kept in the cupboard for about 5-6 years and has aged to a dark brown colour resembling strong tea. Relatively low alcohol content of only 11%, so it’s very drinkable without the strong alcohol kick. This wine should still be available at Jason for about S$ 31.95.

Smell : Very similar to Port and apricot brandy with a smokey end.

Taste : Raisin, strong fig and blackcurrent taste.

After-taste : Not overpowering, beautiful light and refreshing finish.

Description at the back of the label :
This exceptional dessert wine highlights the Riverina’s standing as Australia’s premium botrytis wine producing region.Our 1995 vintage consists entirely of Semillon grapes grown on Pat Zirilli’s Griffith vineyard. The Semillon was left on the vine until June, long after the last grapes of this variety had been harvested, and allowed to “rot” from the natural occurrence of botrytis cinera.

The fruit was hand picked and whole bunch pressed. Following fermentation the wine was matured for 12 months in barriques.Intense ripe fruit aromas of dried apricots, figs and apples are lifted by honeyed oak and nutty vanillin characters. The palate is soft and fine, rounded with delicate fruit and balanced acidity with careful cellaring up to 10 years, these qualities will intensity.


Wine Entry : Chateau Manos 2002 AOC Cadillac

Managed to get this wine at Bugis Cold Storage (S$ 29.95)one look at it and the description confirmed I had found another winner…Just like the Chateau Bondut 2002, which is very popular with my family, though a little more subtle. This wine is a golden colour in a 750 ml bottle at S$29.95. Recommended value for a sweet wine.

Smell : Fruity, flora and peachy smell.

Taste : Lighter than most botrytis, roundness refreshing sweetness.

After-taste : Citrus fruits with orange peel finish.

Description at the back of the label :

This sweet, luscious wine is the result of a blend of 70% Semillon, 20% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Muscadelle. Harvesting by hand, is carried out in several successive stages to ensure that each precious berry is very ripe and has been attacked by Botrytis Cinerea (Noble Rot) which dries out the berries and concentrates the sugars.

To obtain the optimum quality of this vintage, we have not treated or filtered this oak aged wine. Some natural deposits may occur but will not affect the clarity or taste of the wine.Chateau Manos, sweet Cadillac, has a rich, golden colour and intensely deep candied and toasty aromas. A slight acidity is present to balance the sweetness.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wine Entry : Samos Vin Doux No.3 (Greek Wine)


This wine is a golden brown in a 750 ml bottle promoted by a Greek lady, available at various supermarkets but I have seen it most at Carrerfour. A little pricey though at about S$43 per bottle. Recommended Wine for the drinkers with a sweet tooth.

Smell : Jasmine, flora and honey-lemon.

Taste : Sweet smooth honey filled, lemon with spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg

Apologise for the quality of the picture as this was taken from a camera phone.