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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wine Entry : Ventisquero Merlot 2004 (Chilean)


I got this Chilean wine at the Wine for Asia Expo for S$25, apparently my colleagues felt that this bottle was better than the Grand Cru from France. I beg to differ though! I always feel that the old world wine has the complexity and subtle mystery that sets them apart. Well each to their own palate, as long as they like the wines. :-]

Smell : Ripe fruit, spice & berries, but with a freshly cut vegetable scent

Taste : Smooth & fruity, with some acidity and chocolate.

After-taste : Warm and finish off with slight tannins.

Description at the back of the label :
A full-flavoured and fresh wine with aromas of black cherries and plums. An ideal accompaniment to spicy meat dishes and mature cheeses. The Ventisquero Merlot is the perfect expression of hard work and meticulous handling of our vines, which have been cultivated in complete harmony with their natural surroundings.



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