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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wine Entry : Hawke's Bay Ice Wine 2004 (New Zealand)

Dun believe that this bottle is available in Singapore, remembered I got it at the DFS shop in New Zealand Airport, costing me NZ$ 14, which is a steal for an ice wine. We had it at our pre-New Year celebrations at Chin Lee Restaurant in Bedok. Complemented well with the HK-styled steam fish and coffee pork ribs.

Smell : A little closed, touch of lemons, lime and chrysanthemum.

Taste : Lemonade sweetness but direct and not complex. Poor cousin to a Sauternes

After taste : Medium finish but contained peel bitterness.

Description at back of bottle :
Mission Estate Winery has produced wines from the European vinifera varieities for more than 150 years. We have a tradition of sourcing fruit from our vineyards at Church Road, which we have owned for over 90 years. Fruit is also sourced from our vineyards on the Gimblett gravels and other quality grape growing regions around New Zealand. We apply modern and traditional winemaking techniques to produce wines with classic varietal and regional expression. Ripe Chardonnay fruit was used to make this sweet, concentrated wine that shows stonefruit flavours and a long finish.



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