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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wine Joke : From Talking - Ah Beng's guide to wine tasting

This is hilarious..from the

Wine: Pinot Noir

Label: Joseph Drouhin Laforet, Bourgogne

From: Burgundy, France

Colour: Red

How atas people describe it: The hue has usually a brilliant ruby-garnet colour. The nose offers effusive aromas of crushed berries (raspberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant come to mind). On the palate, the wine is full of charm and very pleasant to drink : fresh and fruity berry flavours with light and elegant tannins.

How to describe it in Singlish: This one red-red colour one, smell and taste like Ribena lai dat.

Wine: Carmenère Reserva

Label: Caliterra

From: Colchagua Valley, Chile


How atas people describe it:The Carmenère Reserva is a well-balanced, elegant wine with a deep violet-red colour and a rich, round mouthfeel. The nose offers a complex range of aromas such as ripe plum, liquorice, and black and red pepper interwoven with chocolate and toasty notes.

How to describe it in Singlish:This one, hor, the colour a bit the red, a bit the purpur. Like your face after some ah beng come and hoot you lai dat. Put inside your mouth, shiok shiok, round round, like some… ok, better not say in case my wife listening.But the smell, hor, a bit the cheem - got plum lah, puek kak (star anise) lah, , pepper lah, even got chocolate and toast (but no kaya). A bit chapalang lah, but cannot say lai dat. Must say ‘it’s complex’. Otherwise, how people spend money?

Wine: Riesling

Label: Chateau Ste Michelle

From: Washington, USA

Colour: White

How atas people describe it: This is a dry, crisp, refreshing style of Riesling with beautiful fruit forward flavors, crisp acidity and an elegant finish. It offers brisk, Riesling character of white peach and mandarin oranges with a clean finish. An incredibly versatile wine.

How to describe it in Singlish: This one, hor, very dry, very cripsy one. Like potato chip. But drink that time, hor, a bit like oleng joo, a bit like Qoo lai dat. This one very chin chai, anywhere also can drink.

Wine: Gewürztraminer

Label: Columbia Crest Two Vines Gewürztraminer

From: Washington, USA

Colour: White

How atas people describe it: This fruit forward wine accents classic Gewürztraminer characteristics of lychee, dried apricots and hints of rose petal. Subtle spicy-sweet fruit flavors linger through a refreshing, juicy finish.

How to describe it in Singlish: This one got lychee taste, got apricot, even got a bit of bandong inside. Drinking it is like going to a hawker centre and order a mixed fruit juice lai dat. But of course more espensive, lah!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wine News : Sam Neill - Two Paddocks (New Zealand)

- Today newspaper ran a very interesting article about Sam Neill, the hero in Jurassic Park series. He has a vineyard in Central Otago New Zealand, with the main focus on Pinot Noir. (Envy!!!)

I really liked his view about wine,

i.e. ' Wine, he believes, is something we discover as we make our way through life. “You discover yourself. You discover art. And you discover wine. It’s one of those great journeys you go on in life.

“It doesn’t dominate my life ... It’s about friendship and conversation, and living a complete life. That’s what wine is for me.” '

Turns out that he has a blog about wine and two paddocks too. Singapore had a good mention in it!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wine Tax : Singapore Duty-Free Concessions

This is a very common question posed to me, therefore I am taking the opportunity to share with everyone (if you know already, no need to read further), the Singapore Duty-Free Concessions. Useful when you travel overseas and come back after a long flight to Singapore Changi Airport, but dun know what you can or cannot buy/bring in.

Bona fide travellers are entitled to duty-free allowance for spirits, wine and beer only if all of the following conditions are met: (a) You are 18 years old or above;

(b) You have spent 48 hours or more outside Singapore immediately before your arrival;

(c) You have not arrived from Malaysia;

(d) The liquors are for your own consumption; and

(e) The liquors are not prohibited under section 38 of the Customs Act.

You will given one of the options below:

Option A : 1 Litre Spirits, 1 Litre Wine, 1 Litre Beer

Option B : 2 Litres Wine, 1 Litre Beer

Option C : 1 Litre Wine, 2 Litres Beer

Bona fide crew members will be granted duty-free concessions on 0.25 litre of spirits, and either 1 litre of wine or 1 litre of beer.

Your GST relief and duty-free concessions are granted for your personal consumption only. It is an offence to sell or give them away.

I usually end up with Option B or C....

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wine Fair : Giant Atrium Tampines Level 3

- Looks like Giant Supermarket has gotten the idea from Carrefour to set up wine fairs as well.

The wine fair is till 10 April 2011 located at Giant Atrium Tampines Level 3. Interesting they are giving away "Wine with Asian Food" Book with every $200 spent.

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