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Monday, November 01, 2010

Wine Fair : Wine for Asia 2010 (Marina Bay Sands)

This year Wine for Asia 2010 has taken the event up a notch in venue to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Whilst it is a classy new location, the layout and the appearance within the exhibition hall itself was pretty normal. Also the location was not very easy to find with two levels above ground and Wine for Asia in the basement.

Per tradition, the most sought after booth was the Bordeaux Grand Tasting, 2007 being the featured vintage. After the tasting, it again proved to me that the wines after 2005 were not much to crow about and it would be better putting off further investments in them. However, I must say that the Sauternes were still exceptional and Chateau Climens was intense, full of honey flavour and delivered delicious flora confidence.

Wine style asia awards were given again this year and the "award winning" wines were displayed for open tasting. Whilst there were certainly some impressive aussie wines, but after tasting a couple of Thailand and Russian ones, I really wonder if they should be placed in the same class? Is there gulit of awarding wines just because the vineyards participate? Are we running out of good wines to allocate awards?

I wonder where the next venue for 2011 Wine for Asia will be ?
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