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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wine News : Wine Investors worried after firms being investigated close shop

A wine trading and brokerage service shop has hit the newspapers after wine investors submitted complaints to CASE.
My personal opinion is that Wine is for drinking and there are lots of other investment vehicles available. With your eyes wide open, know what you are buying into. When I buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket, I know that I have the pleasure of savouring it's contents and have an opportunity for me to blog about it. If I put money into a Wine investment, I do not physically see the wine, or have an idea about how to sell it in an illiquid market. Quoting a well-known local columnist "Alternative investments such as raw land, art, wine and antiques, they are interesting and fun, but are thinly traded , hard to sell and rarely pay off as promised."

I have been approached many times to invest in Wine, I have yet to put a single cent in for the intention of trading wine for investment. I have however, purchased wines current vintages at relative lower prices, so that I can drink them later and not pay high prices for them. That is just supply and demand economics, less bottles as people drink them up, means higher prices. But bear in mind you have to pay the expenses for keeping them in good condition.