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Monday, September 19, 2005

Wine Entry : Wolf Blass Bilyara Shiraz 2002


Wolf Blass is a label that is well-known amongst Singaporeans, this label is however not in the same class of the black and grey labels going for >S$50.
This is a typical aussie Shiraz, meant to be drunk young. I have used a new categorisation method for the wine tasting to better breakdown the different "feels" of the wines.

Smell : Strong alcoholic bouquet, with overtones of spices such as cinnamon and pepper

Taste : Medium-light bodied wine with fruity taste of raspberry, strawberry and tint of sweetness mixed with bitterness

After taste : Mildly tannic and astringent

I got this a S$24 at my recreation club, but believe you can get it at Cold Storage/Giant about approx S$18.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wine Entry : Australian Wine JINDALEE Merlot 2003

--- Hi you all, this is my first wine entry, finished it last week... pretty good for a young wine, but guess most aussie wines are made to be drunk that way. Well what can I say, it has a fragrance of over-ripe fruits, berries and tinge of cherries. When drunk, overall round and plummy which is expected of a merlot, medium-bodied with a slight after taste of brown chocolate. Got it at a higher price of $23 from my club, which is now selling only at $20, good value for the taste. Will let you all know if the second bottle tastes better :)